What are GNLU's diploma online courses?

GNLU being a Research Based Teaching University, is committed to address the contemporary legal issues which are reflected in its activities such as various national & international conferences, seminars, conducting workshops & training programmes for the students as well as professionals from the bar, corporate, government, academia etc. and also the certificate courses which are being conducted on various upcoming trends and issues in the field of law, science & technology, Management etc. Continuing its legacy in expanding its horizons towards ensuring inclusive education, GNLU has launched its online diploma programmes in collaboration with Enhelion as the technology support partner.

In this initiative, GNLU is offering five diploma programmes on the following emerging topics, viz., Diploma in Internet Law & Policy, Diploma in Intellectual Property - Law and Management, Diploma Programme in Advanced Entrepreneurship Management and Corporate Laws, Diploma in Sports Law and Diploma in Maritime Law. The duration of these five diplomas  will be one year.

The University is also offering two post graduate diplomas in: 1) Legislative Drafting and 2) Contract Drafting

The programmes will be conducted through 'Online lectures' where the student will be able to see and watch the lecture through a state of the art learning management system, thereby imparting and sharing the knowledge. The recorded versions of the same will be available for future access. This is one of the unique features of this online programme. Lectures shall be engaged by practicing lawyers and academicians supported by Audio Video Presentations along with printable electronic material.

How are diploma courses administered?

The syllabus and course contents for these Diploma courses are conceptualized, coordinated and reviewed by Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), a UGC and BCI recognized premier national law university. The technological support for the same is provided by Enhelion, as the technology support partner.

Who will receive the certificate of diploma course?

Upon successful completion of the course, as specified in brochure, a candidate shall receive a diploma certificate by Gujarat National Law University (GNLU).

Are diploma courses approved by University Grants Commission?

The Online Diploma Courses are recognized and certified by GNLU. The UGC has not yet released the online education rules, which are still in the draft mode. Please click on Draft Online Education Rules - UGC 

Once the rules come into existence, the University shall seek approval. The online courses are not governed by the UGC's open and distance learning, since they are online and the UGC's current rules on Open and Distance learning are only applicable to Degree programmes. For more information, please click here: UGC Open and Distance Education Rules 2017

What is the examination and evaluation policy for diploma courses?

The pro tem examination and evaluation policy is there for the successful completion of these diploma courses. Students are required to undertake 2 MCQ tests and submit 8 assignments. The pro tem examination and evaluation policy will be binding upon the students. However, Gujarat National Law University holds discretion to modify the examination and evaluation policy from time to time, which shall be binding to the registered students.